I’m Annoyed with Christian Fiction, Part Two

Romance is a wonderful thing. It’s great to experience and fun to read. Romance is the backbone of many Christian novels and many times is done quite well thanks to fine writers out there creating great books. Writers need to crank up the lovefest to keep readers titillated and eager for that first kiss orContinue reading “I’m Annoyed with Christian Fiction, Part Two”

I’m Annoyed with Christian Fiction, Part One

“I’m fine.” These are two of my least favorite words in the Christian fiction I’ve been reading lately. A diabetic forensic scientist hasn’t eaten in 12 hours. “I’m fine.” A former Special Ops soldier-turned detective hasn’t slept in 48 hours. “I’m fine.” The strong-but-silent, uber-tough cop struggles with over-protecting the homeless woman he’s coming toContinue reading “I’m Annoyed with Christian Fiction, Part One”

Stepping Away from the Usual Brainwork

This past weekend I painted picture frames purchased at Salvation Army, attached chicken wire to the backs, added embellishments, mini clothespins and binder clips, and came away with three new renditions of bulletin boards. My writer friends Sharron and Cynthia did freestyle acrylic paint projects that turned out beautifully; Cynthia recently got out her mom’sContinue reading “Stepping Away from the Usual Brainwork”

Sticking Point: Staying with Your Writing Dream

There is no doubt about it: Writing is hard work. Perhaps the hardest part is sticking with it through discouragement and juggling writing and the life you live. Your day job, children young and old, elder care, housework and volunteer duties all can sap the strength you have. But you write in the cracks—those fewContinue reading “Sticking Point: Staying with Your Writing Dream”

Writing Alone & In Community

Writers are solitary people. We sit alone at our desks with only the dog for company, at the coffee shop tapping on a laptop, on a park bench scribbling in a notebook. Writing is a task accomplished alone. Yet we also write in community in so many ways. The American Christian Fiction Writers conference lastContinue reading “Writing Alone & In Community”