About Ann

IMG_4192 copyAnn Byle is a freelance writer for publications such as Publishers Weekly and Grand Rapids Magazine, and cofounder of the Breathe Christian Writers Conference. She has worked in publishing as an advertising copywriter, marketing writer, newspaper copyeditor, freelance writer and book reviewer.

Some of Ann’s Articles

A Grand History: Grand Rapids Magazine celebrates 50 years

Religion Update 2015: The Future of Christian Fiction

No Decision Yet on Family Christian Deal

2 thoughts on “About Ann

  1. Hello, I’m a writer who has a Christian-themed picture book with a Christmas message. I’m told I need a referral in order to send it in. What if I don’t have one?


  2. Ann, at Festival of Faith and Writing in April I will be presenting one of the two workshops on dialogue I did at Breathe — was it two years ago? For the life of me I cannot find the brief description of that workshop — it was the second of the two. Would you by any chance still have a copy of that description? If you do, could you send it to me at your earliest convenience?


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