Christian Publishing 101

Advice and Inspiration for Christian Writers

Christian Publishing 101 provides an overview of the vibrant Christian writing and publishing landscape through interviews with seasoned authors, experienced editors, and publishing professionals.

  • Explore memoir, children’s, flash fiction, devotionals, historical, poetry, collaborative writing, and more
  • Discussions on digital footprint, blogging, and using social media effectively
  • Advice on dealing with resistance, facing the nos, creating an active writing life, and writing from vocation
  • Guidance on pitching to editors and agents, writing style, publishing options, editing your work, and making a living
  • Assignments with each chapter encourage next steps

Contributors include some of the most accomplished names in Christian publishing: Jerry Jenkins, Mary DeMuth, James Scott Bell, Cynthia Ruchti, Andy Scheer, Sarah Sundin, and Bill Myers.

Each chapter is bursting with useful information, helpful advice, and heart-felt encouragement for all on the writing journey. Perfect for any writer looking for inspiration.

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