Author Talk: Q&A with novelist Mesu Andrews

Mesu Andrews (pronounced mee-sue) is well known for her fiction based on biblical figures. Her novel Miriam was a Christy Award finalist and her newest novel, Isaiah’s Daughter, will be released in February. This accomplished writer talks about her fiction and her writing life. Q: What do your readers say they like about your biblicalContinue reading “Author Talk: Q&A with novelist Mesu Andrews”

The Q&A: Karen Kingsbury

Bestseller author Karen Kingsbury is known and loved for her Baxter family books. She’s written 24 in the collection, the most recent “The Baxter Family Christmas.” Another title, “Love Story,” comes out in June 2017 and a third next fall. Kingsbury knows how to wring the emotions out of every character and scene. She’s beenContinue reading “The Q&A: Karen Kingsbury”

Things I Like About Christian Fiction: Variety

I may have ranted about a few things I dislike about Christian fiction. Lest you think I’m a misanthrope, there is plenty I like about the genre as well. One of the big things is the variety of authors, topics, time periods, heroes and heroines available in the vast pool of books out there. InContinue reading “Things I Like About Christian Fiction: Variety”

The Q&A: Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin’s writing space. Love the old typewriter on the shelf. One of the best parts of my job as a freelance writer and literary agent is meeting writers and talking to them about their books and writing lives. I’m delighted to share that information with you as an occasional feature on this blog. IContinue reading “The Q&A: Lynn Austin”

Lots of Us Are Annoyed with Christian Fiction—Part 3

In the last two entries posted here, I might have offered an opinion or two on what annoys me about Christian fiction (“I’m fine” and endless zings). Turns out a few other people are annoyed as well. Their comments here and on Facebook were interesting, funny, and pretty much spot on. This is the lastContinue reading “Lots of Us Are Annoyed with Christian Fiction—Part 3”

I’m Annoyed with Christian Fiction, Part Two

Romance is a wonderful thing. It’s great to experience and fun to read. Romance is the backbone of many Christian novels and many times is done quite well thanks to fine writers out there creating great books. Writers need to crank up the lovefest to keep readers titillated and eager for that first kiss orContinue reading “I’m Annoyed with Christian Fiction, Part Two”

I’m Annoyed with Christian Fiction, Part One

“I’m fine.” These are two of my least favorite words in the Christian fiction I’ve been reading lately. A diabetic forensic scientist hasn’t eaten in 12 hours. “I’m fine.” A former Special Ops soldier-turned detective hasn’t slept in 48 hours. “I’m fine.” The strong-but-silent, uber-tough cop struggles with over-protecting the homeless woman he’s coming toContinue reading “I’m Annoyed with Christian Fiction, Part One”